1/5 - Very Easy.

Small hikes. Walking will be part of the daily life but for most part of the day we will enjoy the natural and historical spots proposed. No more than 2 hours walk per day, normally we will not make any significant going up. Children are most welcome.

2/5 - Easy.

Even if we will not walk for more than 4 hours per day the setting of the trekking will be in high mountain enviroment(over 2000m). Possibly we will make till 1000m of gradient. Children are most welcome.

3/5 - Medium.

Medium difficulty means that walking already will be most of the experience we will enjoy. Some day we will walk 6 hours and some day less. Gradient will be till 1200m per day. Fearless and active children are most welcome.

4/5 - Difficult

In this trekkings every day we will walk at least for 4-5 hours till 8 hours per day. Only people who already experienced this kind of experience should choose a difficult trekking. Even if it is not properly advised for children to join, active children who already are passionate for long walking will enjoy the adventure.

5/5 - Vedi difficult.

Not only we will walk till 8 hours per day but also some kind of mountain skills and confidence is required. Maybe we will need to cross some small glacier or cross through dangerous point. Spirit of authentic adventure and trained physic is required. Not for children.